(Released on ProgBlues Music, 10th July 2015) 


1. Silver Bird

2. Reflections

3. Commotion

4. Home Tonight

5. Reflections 2

6. I Can't Slow Down

7. Passage Of Time

8. Time To Focus

9. Speaking In Silence

Recorded at Superfly Studios, Ollerton

Produced by Wayne Proctor

Engineered by Andrew Banfield

Mixed By Steve Wright and Wayne Proctor

Mastered by Ray Staff

Cover design by Chris Robinson

'Time Flies'

(Released, October 2012) 


1. Time Flies

2. Blues In C

3. Motorway Of Madness

4. I Dont Trust

5. State Of Disbeilef

6. Instrumentull

7. The Track With No Name

8.What It Is

9. After The Rain

Recorded at The Grand Studios, Clitheroe

Produced by The Mentulls & Simon Stride

Engineered by Simon Stride

Mixed By Simon Stride

Mastered by Simon Stride

Cover design by TM Designs

'The Long Road To Home'

(Released, June 2011) 


1. The Long Road To Home

2. I Got The Blues

3. Can't Slow Down

4. I Gotta Tell Ya

5. Where Is It Coming From

6. Walking At Midnight




Recorded at Mirage Studios, Marske

Produced by John P Taylor & The Mentulls

Engineered by John P Taylor

Mixed By John P Taylor

Mastered by John P Taylor

Cover design by TM Designs

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