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Official Biography

With three albums under their belt, tours and supports with Wishbone Ash, Focus, Walter Trout among others and their new studio album 'Reflections' earning rave reviews, The Mentulls have been winning over audiences in the UK and Europe with their own unique brand of ‘prog blues rock’


The Mentulls have become known for their refreshingly unique sound that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. This is certainly the case on the band's new studio album 'Reflections' which features nine genre defying tracks. This is not surprising as each member of the band grew up listening to a wide variety of music, especially 60s and 70s classic rock and blues, and a healthy portion of the earliest progressive bands.


Although the average age of the band is just 20 years old, this does not make it a novelty, this is serious music that begs you to delve in and discover the details and lose yourself in the lush soundscapes.


Supports and tours with some of their heroes such as legendry bands like Wishbone Ash, Focus, Walter Trout, Dr Feelgood, Roger Chapman (Family), Chicken Shack, Mick Ralphs (Mott The Hoople, Bad Company), King King, Aynsley Lister and more have followed.


On 10th July 2015 the band released their long awaited new studio album ‘Reflections’. "We have made a really layered album that we've all worked very hard on", says twice British Blues Award nominated guitarist and vocalist Andrew Pipe. "We believe it's got something for everyone on there. We wanted to approach the way we recorded this one differently, taking time to get the arrangements interesting and to further develop the sound of the band".


The album which is produced by award winning producer Wayne Proctor and mastered by legendary mastering engineer Ray Staff (Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Rolling Stones, Rush), deemed by Classic Rock Magazine as “Adventurous” and declared “The best album I’ve heard all year by a country mile” by Rock Society Magazine, also made it to #28 on Amazon UK’s best sellers rock chart and has been a favourite on radio shows worldwide including airplay on BBC Radio 2.


As one reviewer put it straight, “in 2015, it’s hard to stand out. Unless you are as superb as The Mentulls are, that is”


The Mentulls are: Andrew Pipe - Guitar and Vocals, Jamie Pipe - Keyboards, and Nick Colman - Drums




Official Images

Photos by Adam Kennedy, Tony Winfield and K Pipe

Quotes about 'Reflections'


Classic Rock Magazine


"Possibly the best album I've heard all year" 

Rock Society


"An uncompromising rocker with shades of Whitesnake & Rainbow - Impressive"

Blues In Britain


"This is a most impressive album that somehow defies their relatively tender years. The title track is powerful and haunting, with some beautiful sounds from guitarist and vocalist Andrew Pipe........Aynsley Lister makes a guest appearance on "Time to Focus" - a tight, multi-layered guitar instrumental that offers another aspect to the band. 4/5"

Guitar Techniques Magazine


"The guitars are blues rock, the keyboards are proggy, songs like ‘Silverbird’ and ‘Time To Focus’, with a guesting Aynsley Lister are utterly delightful"

The Rocker


“The trio can really captivate…..'Reflections' is a heck of a song.....A very strong album......Passage Of Time', 'Reflections' and 'Silver Bird' are the big outperformers on this fine album”

Blues Magazine NL


"Whether we’re supposed to read more into the album title ‘Reflections’ than we first thought is something only the band will know, but suffice it to say that The Mentulls have struck a wonderful balance in enhancing the past, while drawing the listener into their future musical vision. Prog rock it seems still has a future, and it’s called The Mentulls. 4.5/5"

Get Ready To Rock


“Such is the quality of young blues bands breaking through right now that merely being good isn’t good enough. The Mentulls can point to the awards they’ve won. So can a lot more of bands. They can talk about their live shows. So can hundreds of others. In short, in 2015, it’s hard to stand out. Unless you are as superb as the Mentulls are, that is. When MV first saw the band, a couple of years ago as opening act for a southern rock band, we tipped them for stardom. Now on album three, nothing has changed, except perhaps one thing: The Mentulls have delivered on their promise. “Reflections” is stunning. 9.5/10"

Maximum Volume


"This is an album that is easy to love, comfortable and familiar in many ways but which still possesses enough originality and complexity to make the listener think. All in, quite a package. 4/5"

Music News


"It is of no surprise that The Mentulls chose “Reflections” as their title track; it is simply stunning. Andrew Pipe, who has an incredible appreciation of space, masterful control, and a great tone, plays with intricacy and passion"

National Blues Review




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